In assaults, defendants are accused of violent physical or verbal assaults. The attacks may or may not result in injury, but the goal of the offender was to cause harm.

Police outside Las Vegas public school
GFX about pizza attack.
Booking photo of Ebony Parker
The judge offered an analysis of the evidence before issuing his ruling, emphasizing that Morgan Geyser's credibility was an issue.
Morgan Geyser sits in court
split screen of mugshot and surveillance video of bus
Kenneth Robbins testifies over zoom
image of slender man
A judge will decide if Morgan Geyser can be released from a mental institution.
Morgan Geyser sits in court. (Court TV)
Morgan Geyser sits in court
A psychologist testified at Morgan Geyser's release hearing.
Morgan Geyser, accused of stabbing a classmate nearly to death almost a decade ago to please internet horror character Slender Man, is asking a judge to release her from a mental institution.
surgeon testifies in Miu trial
witness testifies
nicolae miu graphic
courtney clenney seen in bodycam
photo of Cole Brings Plenty
Deobra Redden, who attacked Judge Mary Kay Holthus, appeared in court today and was given a Sept. 3 trial date.
court documents in david coots case