Adam Montgomery appeals weapons conviction ahead of murder trial

Posted at 9:47 AM, September 12, 2023


MANCHESTER, N.H. (Court TV) — Adam Montgomery is appealing his weapons conviction and sentence ahead of his scheduled murder trial.

combo image of Adam and harmony montgomery

(L) Adam Montgomery (Manchester, NH PD)/ (R) Harmony Montgomery (Manchester Police Dept.)

In June, Montgomery was found guilty of eight charges related to firearm thefts. He was later sentenced to 30 years in prison and up to 60 years on the charges of being an armed career criminal. He was also sentenced to an additional 7 1/2 to 15 years for receiving stolen property and theft.

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This week, his attorneys filed a notice of appeal and application for sentence review. In their filing, the defense lists specific questions to be raised on appeal:

  • Did the Court err in denying Defendant’s Motion to Preclude Testimony of Kayla Montgomery?
  • Did the Court err in permitting Kimberly Frain to testify about rumors that the defendant stole the guns?
  • Did the Court err in refusing to strike portions of the ATM video referencing character evidence?
  • Did the Court err in permitting testimony regarding the defendant’s phone number being included on the contact list of John Sargent?

Montgomery is currently scheduled to stand trial in Nov. for the murder of his missing daughter, 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery. Authorities claim he killed Harmony in Dec. 2019. She wasn’t reported missing until Nov. 2021. He was charged with her murder in Oct. 2022. Investigators are still searching for her remains.

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Montgomery’s estranged wife, Kayla Montgomery, told authorities that he fatally struck Harmony in Dec. 2019, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Court TV. Kayla said they then spent the next few months moving Harmony’s remains until disposing of them in spring of 2020.