Weird Crimes

While crime is serious, these crimes – or at least the criminals allegedly committing them – are unusual and, at times, downright weird.

court proceedings in melody johnson case
melody johnson appears in court
Man blows out candles.
Purple Dodge Chager.
Carly Gregg in court.
James Toliver Craig booking photo.
female mugshot
Lisa Nacrelli sits in court
Splitscreen of Vinnie's Court TV pic and him playing pickleball.
Friendship bracelets made by Lauren.
Surveillance footage of woman with a Smurf-like complexion.
GFX about pizza attack.
Good Samaritans rescue man after car bursts into flames.
Lisa Nacrelli sits with attorneys at the counsel table in court.
June Runion, of Marietta, Ga., and her husband, Elrey
Corn chips in a bowl.
Woman brings dead uncle into a bank.
A horse on a train platform.
Split screen of a bird and a police car.