Tank Takes

Man who slammed a door on a woman in Vegas. She lost part of her toe.
Fugitive cuts ankle monitor at hardware store, then grabs popcorn.
Man who tried to cross the ocean in a hamster wheel.
Maryland cop caught making out with a woman.
A bull who rode shotgun.

Bull Rides Shotgun in Man’s Car

A Nebraska man was pulled over because a bull was riding shotgun. An African Watusi horned bull was sitting in the passenger seat. More

September 1, 2023

Overprotective neighbor who pulled gun out at promposal.

Promposal Ends With Gun Drawn

Teen boy planned epic promposal that involved leaving an item on the girl's doorstep but the girl's neighbor approached the boy with a gun. More

August 31, 2023

Stock photo of the barrel of a gun.
San Fran bakery that banned cops.

Bakery Bans Cops in Uniform

San Francisco bakery bans uniformed police officers from entering because they have a strict no gun policy. More

August 29, 2023

Ducklings found in a man's pants.
Home invader drinks gas.
A house without a porch and a porch without a house.
UK tombstones that police are concerned about because people are having sex on them.
Cop makes impressive PIT maneuver to stop truck doing donuts.

You Gotta See This PIT Maneuver

Driver pulled out through window and arrested by after doing donuts in crowded intersection; cop makes impressive PIT maneuver to stop truck. More

August 22, 2023

Kitten found in stolen car.
Gun-wielding woman hit by cop car.
Girl ticketed for being too cute.
Driving instructor crashes into driving school.
woman spikes husband's coffee with bleach