Tank Takes

What are Tank Takes? It's Vinnie and his 'Think Tank' digging into the strangest crime and justice cases of the day.

The inside of a church.
Goat on a ledge.

This Rescue Story is the G.O.A.T.

A goat named Jeffrey was rescued after making his way up onto a bridge! Jeffrey is believed to have walked along a ledge to reach... More

April 12, 2024

Hospital employee points at ceiling.
Wanted post on Facebook describing a suspect.
Kirk Muckenfuss, who tried to break into a jail to sell drugs.
Cop uses front-end loader to stop front-end loader.
Escaped inmate captured outside a Planet Fitness.
Suspects' images replaced with Lego heads.
Witness in Young Thug who said he was high on the stand.

Naked Beach Arrest: Lewd or Nude?

Florida man arrested for indecent exposure after allegedly going to nude beach with a sign reading: Please feel free to investigate. Gently! More

March 21, 2024

Person in Tigger costume who broke into vape shop.
House that was bombed.
Florida DUI suspect who made jokes during arrest.
Roswell Police Dept.'s new logo.
Man who joked about having a bomb at the airport.
Escaped horses on a highway

Horses on a Highway

Two horses who escaped from a police stable were seen galloping down a Cleveland highway. Cops managed to corral the horses to safety. More

March 8, 2024

Horse in apartment building lobby.
Surveillance footage of a break-in at an Italian restaurant.
Body cam still of cops busting home invasion suspect on toilet.