Tank Takes

What are Tank Takes? It's Vinnie and his 'Think Tank' digging into the strangest crime and justice cases of the day.

Man blows out candles.
Purple Dodge Chager.
Splitscreen of Vinnie's Court TV pic and him playing pickleball.
Friendship bracelets made by Lauren.
Surveillance footage of woman with a Smurf-like complexion.
GFX about pizza attack.
Good Samaritans rescue man after car bursts into flames.
Corn chips in a bowl.
Woman brings dead uncle into a bank.
A horse on a train platform.
Split screen of a bird and a police car.
The inside of a church.
Goat on a ledge.

This Rescue Story is the G.O.A.T.

A goat named Jeffrey was rescued after making his way up onto a bridge! Jeffrey is believed to have walked along a ledge to reach... More

April 12, 2024

Hospital employee points at ceiling.
Wanted post on Facebook describing a suspect.
Kirk Muckenfuss, who tried to break into a jail to sell drugs.
Cop uses front-end loader to stop front-end loader.
Escaped inmate captured outside a Planet Fitness.
Suspects' images replaced with Lego heads.