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Court TV has been the home of high-profile trial coverage for decades, including the infamous cases of O.J. Simpson, the Menendez brothers and Casey Anthony. Continuing that legacy, Court TV is making many of these legendary trials available in their entirety, offering you a unique opportunity to revisit some of history’s most compelling cases. Plus, Court TV's most recent trials will also be available to stream shortly after the verdict is rendered.

Trial Collections

Michigan v. Dr. Kevorkian (Watch Now)
California vs Simpson Banner

Johnny Depp Defamation Case

DEPP v. HEARD (2022)

The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

GA v. MCMICHAEL, et al. (2021)

Kenosha Protest Shooting


Tot Mom Murder Trial

FL v. ANTHONY (2011)

Menendez Brothers Murder Trial

CA v. MENENDEZ (1993)

Charles Manson Family Parole Hearings


AK v. WATERMAN (2006)

Teen Blogger Murder Trial

AZ v. ARIAS (2013)

Ex-Boyfriend Murder Trial

AZ v. JOHNSON (2012)

What Happened to Missing Baby Gabriel?


"Jenny Jones Show" On Trial

AZ v. RING (1996)

Bounty Hunter Murder Trial

AZ v. ROQUE (2003)

Sikh Murder Trial

AZ v. SMITH (2012)

Missing Baby Gabriel Case: Tammi Smith On Trial

CA v. BARDO (1991)

Obsessive Fan Murder Trial

CA v. BRODERICK (1991)

A Woman Scorned

CA v. DURST (2021)

'The Jinx' Murder Trial

CA v. HAN (1997)

Evil Twin Murder Trial

CA v. IVERSEN (1995)

Cop Charged in Murdering Tow Truck Driver

CA v. MURRAY (2011)

The Death of Michael Jackson

CA v. POWELL, et al. (1992)

The Beating of Rodney King

CA v. SOMMER (2007)

Arsenic Poison Murder Trial

CA v. SPECTOR (2007)

Phil Spector Murder Trial

CA v. WINSLOW II (2019)

NFL Star Rape Trial

CO v. ANDRADE (2009)

Transgender Murder Trial

CO v. GALEK (2009)

Teen Accused of Murder

CO v. NELSON (2008)

Police Love Triangle Murder


Paparazzi Harassment Civil Trial

FL v. AMATO (2019)

Porn Obsession Murder Trial

FL v. BENAYER (2007)

Man, 81, On Trial For Murder

FL v. CARLTON (2011)

Custody Hitman Murder Trial

FL v. CATABAY (2009)

Employee Charged in Double Murder

FL v. CODAY (2002)

Ex-Girlfriend Obsession Murder Trial

FL v. DIPPOLITO (2011)

Newlywed Accused of Hiring Hitman to Kill Husband

FL v. DREJKA (2019)

Parking Lot Rage Killing Trial

FL v. EVERETT (2021)

Pot Sale Turns Deadly

FL v. FERRELL (1998)

Vampire Cult Murder Trial

FL v. FORTNER (2010)

Card Game Killer

FL v. HARTUNG (2020)

Witch Craft Triple Murder Trial

FL v. JEFFREY (2021)

Fatal Birthday Fight

FL v. JOHANSEN (2021)

Mom Killed While Son At Home

FL v. KANANEN (2010)

Mummified Mother Found Under Rock Garden

FL v. KAUFMAN (2009)

Spray Tan Murder Trial

FL v. KEETLEY (2020)

Ice Cream Man Murder Trial

FL v. LEWIS (2008)

Pool Drowning Murder Trial

FL v. LONG (2009)

Hot Car Baby Murder Trial

FL v. MARTIN (2012)

Champion Boxer Left for Dead

FL v. McARTHUR (2019)

Ex-CSI Murder Trial

FL v. McFOLEY (2019)

Witness Killed in Murder-For-Hire Plot

FL v. NELSON (2019)

Nanny Abduction & Murder Trial

FL v. RAJA (2019)

Stranded Motorist Murder Trial

FL v. REDLICK (2022)

Kitchen Knife Murder Trial

FL v. REEVES (2022)

Movie Popcorn Murder Trial

FL v. ROBINSON (2020)

Jealous Lover Murder Trial

FL v. RODGERS (2019)

Hammer Hitman Murder Trial

FL v. ROLLING (1994)

Death Penalty On Trial: The Gainesville Ripper

FL v. SAMUELS (2006)

Millionaire Charged in Murder Plot

FL v. SEGURA (2019)

Family Massacre Murder Trial

FL v. SIEVERS (2019)

Hammer Killing Murder Trial

FL v. SIMPSON (2001)

O.J. Simpson Road Rage Trial

FL v. SUTTON (2010)

Parents Left for Dead

FL v. TOBIE & COOPER (2007)

Wife Charged With Murder

FL v. WADE (2010)

Deadly Teen Love Triangle

FL v. WARNER (2020)

Dating App Murder Trial

FL v. WUORNOS (1992)

America's First Female Serial Killer

GA v. BAUGH (2001)

Scorned Lover Murder Trial

GA v. BAUGH (2003)

Scorned Lover Murder Retrial

GA v. DORSEY (2002)

Sheriff Charged in Rival's Murder

GA v. HARRIS (2020)

Toddler Hot Car Death

GA v. MCMICHAEL, et al. PRETRIAL (2021)

The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

GA v. MCNABB & BELL (2019)

The Death of Baby Caliyah

GA v. NEUMAN (2012)

Daycare Murder Trial

GA v. SCHMIDT (2012)

Teen Accused of Murdering Neighbor

GA v. SULLIVAN (2006)

Atlanta Socialite Murder Trial

GA v. TERREL (2019)

Caretaker Charged With Murder

GA v. TOKARS (1997)

Husband Hires Hitman Trial


The Killing of Mollie Tibbetts

IA v. BECKER (2010)

Former Football Star Murders Coach

IA v. BOAT (2021)

Jealous Wife Murder Trial

IA v. CARTER (2019)

The Death of Shirley Carter

IA v. HARRIS (2019)

The Death of Baby Sterling

IA v. MULLIS (2019)

Corn Rake Murder Trial

IA v. SHANAHAN (2004)

Woman Kills Abusive Husband

KY v. HANKISON (2022)

Breonna Taylor Botched Raid Trial

KY v. MARTIN (2021)

Ex-Pilot Charged in Triple Murder

KY v. POZO ILLAS (2021)

Golf Cart Murder Trial

MA v. BATALI (2022)

Celebrity Chef On Trial

MA v. ENTWISTLE (2008)

British National Murders Wife & Baby

MA v. WOODWARD (1997)

Nanny Murder Trial

MI v. KING (1992)

Anchorwoman Murder Trial

MI v. MILLER (2001)

Sex, Lies And Murder

MI v. PYNE (2012)

Valedictorian Murder Trial

MI v. SEAMAN (2004)

Teacher Kills Husband


Late Night Brawl Leads to Killing

MN v. POTTER (2021)

The Death of Daunte Wright

MO v. ADDIE (2021)

Married Man Accused in Death of Secret Fiancée

MO v. RENICK (2021)

Snake Breeder Murder Trial

MO v. RIOS (2008)

Ex-Cop Accused of Murdering Gay Lover

MO v. WELTE (2020)

Family Nightmare Murder Trial

NC v. CARRUTH (2000)

Rae Carruth Murder Trial

NC v. PETERSON (2003)

'The Staircase' Murder Trial

ND v. ISAAK (2021)

Quadruple Murder in a Small Town

NH v. SMART (1991)

Murder Conspiracy Trial

NJ v. MCGUIRE (2007)

Suitcase Killer Murder Trial

NJ v. NEULANDER (2001)

Rabbi On Trial For Wife's Murder

NJ v. NEULANDER (2002)

Rabbi On Retrial For Wife's Murder

NJ v. RAVI (2012)

Student On Trial After Roommate's Suicide

NV v. MURPHY & TABISH (2000)

Las Vegas Millionaire Murder

NV v. SIMPSON (2008)

Vegas Casino Robbery Trial

NY v. BOSS, et al. (2000)

The Diallo Shooting Trial

NY v. McKIEVER (1995)

Former Rockette Fatally Stabbed

OH v. ESSA (2010)

Sex, Cyanide, and a Doctor on the Run

OH v. FORD (2021)

Death Penalty Arson Trial

OH v. FRANKLIN (1998)

Racist Serial Killer Murder Trial

OH v. GROVES (2020)

The Death of Baby Dylan

OH v. KROTINE (2004)

Husband Accused of Murder

OH v. LEWIS (2009)

Twin Brother Murder Trial


Cheerleader on Trial for Baby's Murder

OH v. STEFANKO (2020)

Pizza Delivery Murder Trial

OR v. BEAGLEY (2010)

Faith-Healing Trial

OR v. BROPHY (2022)

Romance Novelist Murder Trial


Parents Charged in Baby's Death

SC v. COLUCCI (2018)

Southern Murder Mystery

SC v. ROWLAND (2021)

Mistaken Rideshare Murder Trial

TN v. GUY (2020)

Parents Dismembered Murder Trial

TN v. HINDS (2021)

Hit-And-Run Murder Trial

TN v. MOSLEY (2022)

Bar Fight Murder Trial

TN v. PASCHEL (2021)

Reality Star Assault Trial

TN v. REINKING (2022)

Waffle House Shooting Trial

TN v. TURNER (2022)

NBA Star Murder Trial

TX v. BAKER (2010)

Minister Murder Trial

TX v. DURST (2003)

Eccentric Real Estate Heir Murder Trial

TX v. GUYGER (2019)

Wrong Apartment Murder Trial

TX v. MALLARD (2003)

Windshield Murder Trial

TX v. MOWBRAY (1998)

Murder or Suicide: Did Susie Mowbray Kill Her Husband?

WA v. FOOS (2006)

Pastor On Trial

WA v. HAQ (2008)

Fatal Shooting at Jewish Center

WA v. LETOURNEAU (1997 & 1998)

Teacher Jailed for Raping Student

WI v. BECK (2002)

Firefighter Paramedic Murder Trial

WI v. EDGECOMB (2022)

Deadly Road Rage Shooting

WI v. HALDERSON (2022)

Parents Dismembered Trial

WI v. JENSEN (2008)

Man Accused of Poisoning Wife

WI v. MASARIK, et al. (2006)

The Beating of Frank Jude, Jr.


Killer Girlfriend Murder Trial


No Body Murder Trial

WI v. WIRTH (2011)

Cop Killer Murder Trial

WV v. LILLY (2021)

Deadly Neighborhood Feud

WV v. McCAULEY (2021)

Teen Killed Murder Trial


School Bus Stop Murder Trial