Trials On Demand

For decades, Court TV was the home of high-profile trial coverage, including the infamous cases of O.J. Simpson, the Menendez brothers and Casey Anthony. Continuing that legacy, the Court TV is making many of these legendary trials available in their entirety, offering you a unique opportunity to revisit some of history’s most compelling cases. Plus, our most recent trials will also be available to stream, soon after the verdict is rendered.

  • COURT TV IS YOUR FRONT ROW SEAT TO JUSTICE.       THE VERDICT IS IN FOR THE FAMILY NIGHTMAKRE MURDER TRIAL – MISSOURI V. Danny Welte Sr. WHO WAS accused of fatally shooting HIS WIFE Echo Welte, just hours after the couple buried their son.         TAKE A LOOK back at “The Trial of the Century” with a brand new TRUE CRIME series 25 Years in the making. A new episode of ‘OJ25’ Thursday at 9/8c on Court TV.       And SEEMA IYER IS JOINED BY TED ROWLANDS TO EXAMINE THE FULL IMPACT OF THE VERDICT IN THE HARVEY WEINSTEIN TRIAL  ON A BRAND NEW  episode of the Court TV podcast.

Trials On Demand

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FL v. CODAY (2002)

Ex-Girlfriend Obsession Murder Trial

FL v. HARTUNG (2020)

Witch Triple Murder Trial

FL v. WUORNOS (1992)

America's First Female Serial Killer

NH v. SMART (1991)

Murder Conspiracy Trial

CA v. BRODERICK (1991)

A Woman Scorned

CA v. SOMMER (2007)

Arsenic Poison Murder Trial

TX v. GUYGER (2019)

Wrong Apartment Murder Trial


Cheerleader on Trial for Baby's Murder

IA v. MULLIS (2019)

Corn Rake Murder Trial

FL v. KAUFMAN (2009)

Spray Tan Murder Trial

FL v. LONG (2009)

Hot Car Baby Murder Trial

NV v. SIMPSON (2008)

Vegas Casino Robbery Trial

OH v. ESSA (2010)

Sex, Cyanide, and a Doctor on the Run

AZ v. ARIAS (2013)

Arizona Boyfriend Murder Trial

CA v. WINSLOW (2019)

NFL Star Rape Trial

GA v. MCNABB & BELL (2019)

The Death of Baby Caliyah

FL v. DIPPOLITO (2011)

Hitman Husband Murder Trial

FL v. SIMPSON (2001)

Neighbor Road Rage Trial

FL v. LEWIS (2008)

Pool Drowning Murder Trial

FL v. CARLTON (2011)

Custody Hitman Murder Trial


Paparazzi Harassment Civil Trial

More Coming Soon